Watch the Beastie Boys – as cartoons – talk about getting arrested for cursing and opening for Madonna

You won’t be able to read the Beastie Boys memoir until 2015. So until then, you can quench your thirst for all things Beastie by watching Blank on Blank‘s new animated video of a 1985 interview with the group.  At the time, Mike D, Ad-Rock, and MCA were touring with Madonna and were a year away from releasing the Beastie Boys debut album License to Ill when they spoke with Rocci Fisch for ABC News Radio in Washington, D.C. The Beastie Boys offered up a lot of classic lines in the video. Here are some of the best:

On post-tour plans:
“I wouldn’t be surprised if when we came back from this tour and started recording our album that we have like a song that’s just like a classic hit like The Beatles “Baby You Can Drive My Car.” – Mike D

On almost getting arrested for using profanity:
“We’re on the stage and…so I said ‘motherf*cker’ a couple of times or he said ‘motherf*cker’ or something like that and some cops went up to Madonna’s manager and said that the second we came off the stage that they were going to arrest us and put us in jail.” – MCA

On opening for Madonna:
“We just have to win this audience over. They don’t want to see rap music. They don’t want to see the Beastie Boys. They don’t care what we’re doing. They want one thing and one thing only: that’s to see Madonna come on stage.” – Ad-Rock

On being called “rappers for the suburbs”:
“Whoever said that is an ignorant moron, because we’re certainly not rap music for the suburbs….We are soul, hardcore, b-boy music and we do not play sucker music. I mean like Chaka Khan “I Feel for You” is suburb rap music.” – Ad-Rock

On naming themselves the Beastie Boys:
At the time it was the stupidest name that I could possibly think of. And if you could think of a stupider name I’d probably be pretty impressed now.” – MCA

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