Watch The “Green Label Studios: Open Call” Finalists And Winning Submission

A couple of months ago, the “Green Label Studios: Open Call” filmmaking contest gave amateur and professional artists behind the lens a chance to submit their best work and visually express how they “Do the Dew.” What resulted can only be described as phenomenal — making it pretty hard to pick a winner.

Take a look at the finalists that made it to the end, as well as the grand prize winner. Even though there could only be one to come out on top, all nine of these filmmakers are worthy of recognition.

Simone Varano – “A Day in the Life of Dew”

Repping for Frankfurt, the DMV, and Brooklyn, Simone Varano is all about learning the craft through experience rather than expertise. By taking seasoned industry skills and applying them to a creative vision — her DIY web series, Hour By Hour, captures urban culture to a tee — Varano reeled us in instantly when we saw her work.

Rich Brown – “If It Was Easy”

This San Antonio native is a true student of film and television. Rich Brown used his years of animation and special effects knowledge to create a dope submission. You can literally feel his enthusiasm for the craft through his work.

Dan Mizicko – “Stuck in Ohio”

Dan Mizicko is no stranger to capturing the action sports community in an artistic way, mainly because he does it on the regular with his creative brand Stuck In Ohio Productions. Definitely not what you’d expect from a rural farm kid out of the Midwest.

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Jas Davis – “SeaSide20”

It’s amazing to see the work of Jas Davis, especially since he has the skill of people twice his age. His niche tends to gravitate toward recording life’s smaller moments, ultimately resulting in videos that pack powerful emotion.

Andrew Keyser – “Dill the Dew”

Balancing films and final exams, Andrew Keyser has a hustle like no other. This Brooklyn college kid took everything he’s learned at SVA (so far) and created intense stories on film. His potential is endless.

Josh Skoglund – “Downhill Anonymous”

It took a pretty serious snowboarding injury to push Josh Skoglund in the path he was destined to go down, but the negative experience has completely turned his life around for the positive. As you can clearly see in the video above, his 15 years of experience is finally being put to great use.

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Patrick Romero – “Flossing the Sky”

You can tell by his work that Patrick Romero is every bit of the “outdoors enthusiast” that he claims to be. If you want adventure, action sports, or any form of thrill, then Romero’s definitely your guy.

Logan Thiebaud – “Dew Island”

Logan Thiebaud’s career in film dates back to his acting days in backyard home videos with his older sister. In the time that’s passed since then, Thiebaud has become an amazing cinematographer that is only beginning to reach his full potential.

…and now the Winner!

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Grand Prize Winner: Nathan Balli

It was a tough choice, but Nathan Balli truly deserved the honor as the Grand Prize winner of the “Green Label Studios: Open Call” contest. We’ll share the details of his journey at a later date — coming very soon by the way — but Balli amazed everyone with his artistic eye, full understanding of the craft, and overall compelling narratives.

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