WatchxWitness: Death Valley

Mass Appeal’s premiere photographic documentary series WATCHxWITNESS recently wove through the South West. With a sense of adventure and mischievous wonderment, the two dudebros Jason Goldwatch and 13thWitness captured epic imagery of both humanity’s beautiful gradients and nature’s grand intentions – traveling West on a road trip to no where in particular.

Under the guidance of the two’s explicit mantra “EXPLORE EVERYTHING” the co-conspirators push urban exploration and photography experimentation’s edge to capture incredible night skies, unending valleys, awe-inspiring rock formations and curious desert residents. The result? The creation of both stunning still and moving images.

WATCHxWITNESS combines the visual talents of infamous director, Jason Goldwatch and enigmatic photographer 13thWitness, bringing viewers a documentary-style expedition through some of the world’s most harrowing and stunning locales, where the duo ventures to retrieve images meant to arrest audiences through shock and awe.

Through their moving images, you will see the intersection of past and present, and human kind’s innate ability to adapt and reinterpret.

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