We Are Blood is Now Available for Pre-Order

August is fast approaching and the premier of this year’s skateboarding opus, WE ARE BLOOD (Green Label Films).

If you’re not familiar, the Ty Evans-directed film takes a look at the everlasting bond forged through skateboarding. In an epic that spans the globe and features skaters from all walks of life, we see the impact of skateboarding across continents with portions of the film shot in places like Dubai, Brazil, China, Spain, and the United States.

When you lock in your pre-order you also secure your chance at scoring exclusive stickers and photos with your DVD/Blu-Ray purchase.

Head over to Brainfarm to pre-order your DVD/Blu-Ray copy or hit up iTunes to secure your digital download.

Head over to the WE ARE BLOOD site to find out how you can get tickets when the screening tour hits your city.

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