Speaking With Ty Evans and P-Rod on Making “We Are Blood”

Sweating in a Green Label Airstream while the unf-unf of the first acts for Green Label Live play in the background, Ty Evans and Dew Team Rider P-Rod wipe their brows. They are at the tail end of a morning of interviews with Thrasher, Transworld, and half a dozen other major action-sports publications, who have all come to peep the world premier of the trailer for Ty’s groundbreaking new film, We Are Blood, a project between Brainfarm and Green Label Films that is going to break records for skate films like that starter board grandma got you from Wal-Mart.

Filmed everywhere from Dubai to California, the film also stars Jordan Maxham, Chris “Cookie” Colbourn, Tiago Lemos, Mikey Taylor, Chase Webb, Clint Walker, Clive Dixon, Sean Malto and many more, including packs of local skaters who turned out to see P-Rod and take a chance to push with the crew across local landmarks.

As far as technical prowess, nothing has We Are Blood beat, or will for a long time. (And even then, it will probably be Ty again.) All of WAB is shot on 4K cameras, from helicopters and drones, and in such crazy locations as helipads atop Emirati skyscrapers.

As far as narrative, this film is really about the bond shared by skaters from all over the world. As Brainfarm puts it, “Skateboarding is a global phenomenon, a passion spreading through the streets like a groundswell revolution, but until now no one has been able to tell a story about it in cinematic form that made viewers fully understand why.”

Hear more about how Ty brought the project to life, from a germ of an idea he bugged P-Rod to make with him, to the world’s greatest “love letter to skate” in the video above. Then, check out the full We Are Blood trailer here.

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