Here is the Trailer for We Are Blood, Ty Evans’s Latest Film With GreenLabel Films!

Skateboarding has always survived because of the sense of community that runs through its proverbial veins. We, the skaters, are the vessels that flood the stream that keep it alive and kicking.

Since its inception skateboarding has served as a bridge between cultures, ethnicities, and individuals. Even in its movement from the abandoned backyard pools of the suburbs to the concrete slabs and metal ledges of the urban metropolis it has been a way for folks, of all and any circumstances, to come together all in the name of a good session.

Each push, kick, spin, and flip of the board keeps the circulatory system of skating going. We are the blood, better yet “We Are Blood” flowing through this system giving it never-ending life. Coincidentally that’s the name of the new project by skate film luminary and consummate innovator Ty Evans.

Turning his cinematic eye towards the essence of skateboarding, Ty along with Mtn Dew Green Label Films in association with Brain Farm have created a visual chronicle commemorating the impact skateboarding has had on the lives of those who have chosen to venture out into the world on their wood and polyurethane chariots.

Many from the world of skate, including Jamie Thomas and Paul Rodriguez Jr, offer testimonials on the impact of skateboarding in their lives and the lives of anyone who picks up a deck. Paul even touches on the perseverance and dedication instilled by never giving up on a trick or yourself–offering some words that would even leave Morgan Freeman writhing in anticipation for this one.

The film will take a look at the global impact of skateboarding, with some of the action taking place as far as Dubai, with the DEW skate team and friends taking full advantage of all the United Arab Emirates city has to offer.

Whether you’re hitting bowls, ramps, the streets, or traded in your cup-soles for a desk job, “We Are Blood,” and that is a bond that can never be broken.

Check out the trailer to get a glimpse of the film that captures the indelible impact and bond created through skateboarding, and make sure to check the official website: We Are Blood.



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