This Is How You Become the World’s Most Ambitious Skate Filmmaker

The Mountain Dew Green Label Films skateboarding epic WE ARE BLOOD officially hits iTunes beginning August 14, 2015 and will also begin its global screening tour. To accompany the release of the film we’re proud to share a massive interactive interview with its director, Ty Evans.

In this special scrolling gallery, you’ll get a glimpse at some rarities like what Ty has had in his camera bag, from his first SLR Minolta to the technology used when filming WE ARE BLOOD. In addition to taking a look at his overall career, you’ll also have the opportunity of getting Ty’s opinion on what he considers to be some of his most dynamic work and what these films have contributed to the genre of skate films and videos.

Click the VHS tape up top to check out the interactive interview with Ty Evans.

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