We’re Going to See Self-Driving Vehicles on California Roads This Summer

Google is about to take its next step towards world domination. Starting this summer, the world’s first fully self-driving vehicle, engineered by Google, will hit the roads of Mountain View, California, with assistance from a safety driver.

The company has been putting its self-driving vehicles through meticulous tests, making sure the car sensors and software work as they’re supposed to. Google has found success with this software before, too. The Lexus RX450h SUVs use the same program, and that fleet has logged about a million autonomous miles on the road since the project started back in 2012. Recently, the Lexus automobiles have been logging about 10,000 miles a week. That’s the equivalent of 75 years driving experience for a typical American adult. The cars aren’t all that Google is testing, though.

Google really wants to see how the Mountain View, California, community perceives and interacts with these vehicles. Will people be frightened by a car that’s driving itself? What if the self-driving car gets in an accident caused by someone else? What will the vehicle do if it can’t reach its exact destination due to construction? These are the questions Google still has.

These vehicles could free up parking and prevent traffic. But before society can receive all of the benefits of Google’s self-driving vehicles, we need to make sure nobody goes haywire when they see a car operating without a driver. World domination doesn’t happen overnight.

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