“This is What Music Will Look Like In The Future”: Welcome to Digital Cover Art

Whitestone’s interactive music platform wants to change your square, static album cover experience.

Founder Roey Tsomah (who started Whitestone as his graduation thesis) was confounded by the fact that, as albums shifted to the digital world, cover art technology didn’t keep up. Why wouldn’t you make your album cover a full-screen experience, with interactive audiovisuals, bonus features, and easter eggs?

The platform—which has already exceeded its funding goal—gives subscribers a toolbox with things like touch gestures or camera inputs to control every layer of both the artwork and song.

Designed like a social media network, fans can follow their favorite artist, music bloggers, and industry leader. Most importantly, the €5 fans pay as their subscription fee can be used towards donations to back their favorite musician. Now that’s dope.

Check the Kickstarter campaign here.

Image: Flying Lotus “You’re Dead” album artwork; Illustration by Shintaro Kago; Animation by Strangeloop

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