Locals Only: Chicago. Winter Skating in Lower Wacker

In one of the coldest cities in America, there is no indoor skatepark.

But Chicagoans don’t complain about the cold; they accept and respect it. And in temperatures that would have skaters in other parts of the country taking up knitting as a winter hobby, a hardcore group of dedicated Chicagoans treats it as a different kind of challenge, one which turns boards into soggy messes and the ground into a chunky moonscape.

In town for Green Label Live, we sought out some of these hardy all-season riders, to find out if it was really true. After a bunch of phone calls we found three: Andrew Smith, Andy Sisomboune, and Kevin Kuczkowski, who took us on a tour of the spots they skate when the cold outside is positively awesome (it was; a bunch of the GL production staff took intermittent refuge in the rental car while the guys stayed fresh in light hoodies and jackets).

After getting shooed out of a couple of public squares by security, we sloped on down to Lower Wacker, the dimly lit underground portion of Chicago‘s famous Wacker Drive. Here, amidst the car fumes and wandering weirdos, the guys got some semi-decent skating in in this iconic spot, without getting frostbite.

Afterwards, we headed to Lacuna Lofts in the city’s up-and-coming Pilsen neighborhood to check out the awesome view of Chicago from the rooftop. See the video above, and check out our wild lineup from Green Label Live Chicago, including Rae Sremmurd, Casey Veggies, new G.O.O.D.-music signee Hollywood Holt and Million $ Mano.

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