Wooden Cutouts of Stanley Kubrick and Riff Raff: KILLWOLFHEAD, Double Tapped

One of our newest discoveries is KILLWOLFHEAD, the street artist creating pop art portraits of fictional characters like Rey from Star Wars to cultural figures like Jacques Cousteau and Stanley Kubrick. He even prettied up the streets of Austin with a colorful Riff Raff head.

They’re better than stickers—his wooden cutouts mean they’re 3D and nearly impossible to miss. The best part? You can purchase KILLWOLFHEAD’S works for yourself and spruce up your city’s streets.

Kubrick drop. #fafatl

A photo posted by KILLWOLFHEAD (@killwolfhead) on

Last Rey drop. #fafatl #illustration #art #forceawakens #starwars #rae #daisyridley

A photo posted by KILLWOLFHEAD (@killwolfhead) on

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