The World’s Largest Graffiti Had to be Photographed from Space

UK graffiti artist INSA is known for his GIF-ITI, the large-scale art technique that combines graffiti with stop-motion animation. Over the years, his GIF-fiti have gotten progressively bigger, including this blinking beauty done in conjunction with Melbourne street artist Rone, and this even bigger pretty lady with MadSteez for Pow! Wow! in Taiwan.

Recently, however, the innovator unveiled the world’s largest graffiti and GIF animation in one: a four-frame clip of his 154,774 square foot mural in Rio de Janeiro.

Dubbed “Space GIF-ITI,” the piece was painted by a team of 20. It took four separate stages, coloring in the sections in a paint-by-numbers fashion. INSA couldn’t see the finished product before he got the shot--from space. Each stage was photographed by satellite (it’s that big), and the photos were strung together to create this larger-than-life animation.

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