Would You Eat a Krispy Kreme “Waffnut” or “Chounut”?

Possibly inspired by the cronut and other Frankenstein desserts, Krispy Kreme Japan has now run its donuts through the magical warp machine resulting in the “Waffnut” and “Chounut.”

The Waffnut, as you can probably guess, is the lovechild of a Belgian waffle and a doughnut. Coming in three flavors—strawberry, dark-chocolatey almond, and green tea—the waffnut looks like a promising sweet treat.

Chounuts are the creamier option of the two, made with choux pastry dough and filled with caramel cream and salted caramel sauce—complementary to your morning or noon cup of coffee or tea.

Exclusive and limited to Krispy Kreme Japan for now, the rest of us can only drool from afar or just go wait it out on the ever-enduring Cronut line to get our sweet fix.

Image: Krispy Kreme

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