Wu-Forever? Raekwon Goes ‘On Strike’ From Wu-Tang Clan

Things aren’t looking too well for the world’s favorite rap clique, Wu-Tang Clan — at least between members Raekwon and RZA. Vlad TV had an extensive sit-down with the latter, who broke down details surrounding the “creative differences” he’s having with Raekwon in the process of making the groups often-delayed LP, A Better Tomorrow. Rae recently striked back in his own interview with Rolling Stone, giving his side to the story and even claiming that his likelihood to appear on the album is “at a two right now.” See some clips from the interview below, and read the rest over at Rolling Stone.

On possibly taking a break from Wu-Tang:
” I’m in a limbo situation…I am on strike. It ain’t the fact that I don’t want to be there. Because of course I want to be there. But if we’re there, we gotta do the best everything. We gotta work 10 times harder, because that’s what I’m signing in for.”

On RZA as a producer:
“I respect him, I love him – the love ain’t gonna go anywhere – but you’re not in the music world no more. So to me, you need to take a backseat…I’m always out in the field and finding out what’s going on with the new. Period.”

“RZA’s the type of dude where, in the 90s, he ruled. Now it’s a new day. You’re not attached no more. It’s like being a coach and you won rings back in the day, but now your team is in ninth place.”

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