Wu-Tang’s GZA Debuts First Solo Music In Years With “The Mexican”

GZA The Genius is back with his first solo music in years.

According to a press release, the first founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan has dropped a new single featuring Tom Morello. It’s GZA’s take on the cult classic “The Mexican,” a song that was originally made famous by Babe Ruth and which then became popular again in the 1980’s, when a power pop brand from San Francisco called Jellyfish brought it back.

“The Mexican” has been called “one of the most influential songs in hip-hop culture,” so it makes sense that the rapper and songwriter would want to take it on and give it a reboot. The “spiritual head” of the Wu-Tang Clan, the first person in the group to get a record deal, GZA knows his way around producing amazing hip-hop.

“While working on his forthcoming LP, Dark Matter, GZA decided to share this standalone remake with his fans,” the press release explained. If “The Mexican” is a representation of GZA’s upcoming album we suspect his fans are in for a treat.

While you wait for the rest of the LP to drop check out GZA’s  version of  “The Mexican” produced by The Genius himself, arranged by Jose “Choco” Reynoso, and recorded with Tom Morello, Hanni El Khatib and Ruban Nielson.

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