XFR Creates a Multi-Purpose Tote Bag

Finding a bag that can cater to a laundry list of needs can be difficult to come across. The XFR tote bag, currently in the crowdfunding stage, could be the solution many have been looking for.

The XFR Tote was created to provide wearers with four options. With straps that can be adjusted depending on your needs, the bag can be used as a tote, backpack, shoulder bag, or even a messenger bag. Its functionality is matched by its durability. In addition to the bottom of the bag having a dual layer, the straps and handles have also been made using 4-bar nylon webbing, it comes with an expanding nylon skirt, and the bag itself is constructed of 600D double-sided tarpualin.

The XFR Tote hasn't hit the market yet, but is currently in the midst of getting funded via Kickstarter. Head over to the XFR Tote bag's Kickstarter page for more info on the product.

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