Yecup: A Smart Mug That Boils Water, Charges Your Phone, and Takes Selfies

Meet the world’s first smart mug, Yecup. Although it does sound a little ridiculous at first, the Yecup is surprisingly practical. Who doesn’t want their mug to act as a phone charger?

With the help of the Yecup app, you can boil water simply by pressing a button, and the app will notify you when it’s ready. You can also set the temperature of the drink, so it’s neither too hot or too cold. If your coffee or tea sits for a while and loses warmth, Yecup will heat it up to your satisfaction.

Although it’s not really necessary, Yecup takes selfies as well. Place your phone in front of you, then press the selfie button on the side of the mug and voilà.

The most convenient feature of Yecup is definitely the built-in battery charger; through this, you can charge your phone up to two times, practically guaranteeing 100% battery-life throughout the day. Also, Yecup lets you know ahead of time when the mug needs to be charged.

Yecup comes in three colors: royal dark blue, flaming orange, and black onyx, and it works with iOS and Android (it should be compatible with the Apple Watch in the near future). The expected retail price is $150, and if the $40,000 Indiegogo campaign goal is reached by mid-July, the mug will be shipped out in November. You can contribute to Yecup’s campaign here.

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