Word of Mouth: YG Is Serious About His Music and Fashion Business

Thanks to Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson (raise your hand if you read that in his mom’s now-famous exclamation), better known as YG, beginning consonants will never be the same and a nation of rap fans “wear [their] socks like a cholo” in his honor. But when the standout West Coast rapper isn’t promoting his latest album, Still Brazy, or passionately expressing his political views, he’s setting trends as a businessman.

With successful pop-up shops/art installations with streetwear label BornxRaised and his brand, 4hunnid, in the books, along with plans to venture into film, only time will tell where YG is headed next. Lucky for us, the natural-born leader put us on to what he’s into right now. Get hip. Oh, and you can put your hand down now.

His record label

We’re about to announce [that] real soon. We’re gonna keep the music going, you feel me? That’s first. If the music ain’t poppin’, ain’t none of this other stuff gonna pop off. So, yeah, I’m real focused on touring and all of that, then the business. I got a meeting with my business managers right now. I’m handling business right now as we speak.

4hunnid Clothing and Bompton Collection

I got two clothing lines: I got 4hunnid Clothing, and then I got the Bompton line. I’ve been building the 4hunnid Clothing for the past months, so I’m really about to take it to the next level. We’re gonna hit the stores inside all of the malls around spring of next year, and the Bompton line, we just started. I’m really hands on and really focused on the clothing.

Oakland breakout rapper Kamaiyah

That’s my little sister, you know? She’s down with the squad though. She’s a gangsta. She’s down with the family. That’s my young Nubian right there. That’s my young Nubian queen.

Image: Def Jam

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