Young’un Paul Hart Beats His Friends to Become DEW’s Newest Team Rider

A while back, Network A and Mountain Dew announced Theotis Beasley’s Skate Dreams, and people took notice because it was a pretty unique concept for a web series: challenge three up-and-coming amateurs, handpicked by members of the Dew skate team, to compete for the one open spot on the Dew skate team.

As the series progressed, we got to see three young bucks—Aramis Hudson, Paul Hart, and Mikey Haywood—try to prove themselves when the heat was on. They all came through, but as things go in the real world, there was only room for one of them to join the ranks on the team roster and it was Paul Hart who prevailed.

On Paul’s game day, he was clicking. After a warm-up session in the park at Stoner Skate Plaza, he stacked multiple clips on several heavy features, all in a matter of minutes. He proved that he can go at it and step to the challenge and soon as cameras are rolling.

Nick Tucker’s pick, they first met when Hart moved to California three years ago. “We became good friends,” Hart says over the phone from Spain, where he headed immediately after his win was announced.

“We’ve always skated since then and I was lucky enough that he picked me to compete out of all his other friends.”

Hart also already knew Haywood pretty well already, from contests, and Hudson too. But coming out on top hasn’t changed things. Compared to a regular skate contest, Hart says Skate Dreams was a lot more relaxing. “Filming the episode was just like a regular day, skating with your friends,” he says. “Warm up at the skate park and then hit the streets and film, you know? It’s our job [laughs].”

He says he didn’t even think about winning the team spot.

“I just wanted to skate,” he says. “That’s why I moved to California: to pursue what I love. I just wanted to have fun and it was a blessing to come out on top.”

Not so much being showered in Mountain Dew after his win was announced, though. “It was a little sticky,” he laughs. “I had a bunch of fruit flies on me after.”

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