Your Move, Banksy. JR’s Making a Movie With Robert De Niro.

The famous photographer and street artist known simply as JR (his real name is unknown) is moving beyond the realm of still images and street art. The French artist is tackling documentaries now.

Yesterday, on his extremely popular Instagram account, JR posted a picture of the legendary actor Robert De Niro, with the caption: “On set directing Robert De Niro on a film I am doing on Ellis Island written by Eric Roth… #TheGhostOfEllisIsland #JaneRosenthal #WorkinProgress #AndreChemetoff #RobertoDeAngelis @tribeca.”

As of now, there isn’t much information about the film, but it looks like producer Jane Rosenthal is involved (she’s best known for producing Meet the Parents and About a Boy) as well as cinematographers Andre Chemetoff and Roberto De Angelis.

JR has posted several pictures from the project on his Instagram account over the last three days though. The photos definitely make me curious, especially considering this isn’t JR’s first go-around on Ellis Island.
You may remember JR started an exhibit at Ellis Island’s hospital back in the fall. The project is called Unframed—Ellis Island, and it features around two dozen photos all taken in or around the Ellis Island hospital decades ago.

JR’s vision for Unframed—Ellis Island is to use these photos to re-enact history.

“The idea is to respect the architecture,” JR said in an interview with the New York Times. “I let the walls decide what part of the image should appear.”
You can still purchase tickets for the Unframed—Ellis Island exhibit, and make sure to keep your eyes on JR’s Instagram account for more information on his upcoming Ellis Island film.

Image: JR’s Instagram

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