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Houston Sound

El Dusty Turns Traditional Spanish Cumbia Music Into EDM

Sun, 04.19.15 at 11:52am

Dance music DJ El Dusty created a whole new genre when his late mother's cumbia record collection fell into his hands.

Houston Sound
amber london

Amber London: The Woman Who Would Be the Queen of Underground

Sun, 04.19.15 at 11:49am

Nineteen-year-old Houstonian Amber London flows like a punk guitar solo, hitting rhymes with a tattoo-needle delivery over chopped and screwed beats.

austin graffiti

The Spot: SprATX Keeps Austin Graffiti Scene Stoked

Sat, 04.18.15 at 1:00pm

The Austin graffiti scene is better off for SprATX.

Houston Sound
8 Songs That Houston Rap Fans Love

The 8 Songs That Houston Rap Fans Love

Sat, 04.18.15 at 12:25pm

DJ Booth hooked us up with a list of the songs that every Houston rap fan loves.

Art LA Sound

What the Heck is Brokechella?

Sat, 04.18.15 at 11:28am

Last minute Coachella tickets will probably be costly. Instead, get the info on Brokechella, downtown LA's one-day celebration of music, art, and comedy.