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William Malik

Photorealistic Illustrations of Rappers, World Leaders, and More: William Malik, Double Tapped

Wed, 11.25.15 at 6:21pm

Painstakingly detailed would be the best way to describe his work.


K-Swiss Dipped Metal Fall/Winter Collection

Wed, 11.25.15 at 4:56pm

These gilded K-Swiss kicks will let you shine through Mother Nature's wrath.

NBA Sound
rap nerds

Are You A True Rap Nerd? Take The Green Label Rap Nerd Quiz, #4

Wed, 11.25.15 at 11:53am

The hardest rap nerd quiz on the Internet.

Style Tech
Dax Wallet

The DAX Wallet Is Your Swiss Army Alternative to Bulk

Wed, 11.25.15 at 9:55am

The Dax Wallet will get rid of your back-pocket bulk.


XFR Creates a Multi-Purpose Tote Bag

Wed, 11.25.15 at 9:14am

The XFR Tote Bag is four bags in one.

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Puma Fall/Winter Evolution Collection

Wed, 11.25.15 at 9:14am

PUMA brings sport to the street with the 2015 "Evolution" collection.

Pink Dolphin

Pink Dolphin x FILA Vintage Cage Collection

Wed, 11.25.15 at 9:14am

Pink Dolphin joins forces with FILA and collaborates on a Black Friday themed Vintage Cage.

Action Style
Stray Rats

Stray Rats Fall/Winter 2015

Tue, 11.24.15 at 11:27pm

Stray Rats keeping it clean for the fall.

Paterson League

Paterson League “Night Game” Fall/Winter Collection

Tue, 11.24.15 at 10:25pm

Inspired by the glow of stadium lights, night time duels, and the movement of players.

dc talk

A Look Back At 6 of The Most… Unusual… Videos In Rap

Tue, 11.24.15 at 7:29pm

Featuring puppet rats, red sequined suits, and flutes.