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Style Tech

Thanks to MIJLO, You’ll Never Have Deal with a Lost Wallet Ever Again

Tue, 03.03.15 at 12:00pm

Thanks to Where's Wallet, the smart wallet with integrated tracking sensors and smartphone app, you'll never lose your cash, cards and ID ever again.

LA Places Style

Timeline: The History of Fairfax Avenue

Tue, 03.03.15 at 11:59am

Fairfax Avenue wasn’t always the mecca of skate brands. At one point, it was a quiet neighborhood.

Gaming Style
Arkham Night Trailer

Official Batman: Arkham Night Trailer

Mon, 03.02.15 at 2:01pm

Rocksteady has finally released the highly anticipated trailer for Batman: Arkham Night and it's full of hidden codes.

Keelan Dadd

Watch Keelan Dadd Put SUPRA’s New Avex Skate Shoe to the Test

Mon, 03.02.15 at 1:21pm

SUPRA has just released their latest skate shoe and they enlisted DEW team rider Keelan Dadd to put it to the test.

Houston Sound
Future Screw

Future Screw: The Internet’s Version of Houston’s Chopped and Screwed

Sun, 03.01.15 at 12:30pm

"We hear all the time that we are just songjackers and [that we] have no skills,” says a prominent DJ in the Future Screw movement. But what is Future Screw?