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best underground music venues

The 10 Best Underground Music Venues in LA

Thu, 09.03.15 at 10:55am

These are some of the best in underground music venues that the city of Los Angeles has to offer.


Future, Drake, and Kendrick Prove That Rap Music in 2015 Is the New Wild West

Wed, 09.02.15 at 6:38pm

The Lone Ranger archetype was this genre's strongest survivor, and now it’s playing out like a prophecy in hip-hop.

rap pages

We Revisited a “Rap Pages” Magazine From July, 1998

Wed, 09.02.15 at 3:07pm

Hindsight is 💯/💯

Jason Peterson

HIDDEN: Chicago featuring Jason Peterson

Wed, 09.02.15 at 3:05pm

Explore the cities you thought you knew from perspectives you didn’t know were possible in our series Hidden.

Chicago Sound

Five Possible Reasons Why Kanye Hasn’t Dropped “SWISH” Yet

Wed, 09.02.15 at 1:07pm

Entirely plausible scenarios, including naps.


So This is Drake’s Clever Marketing Strategy

Tue, 09.01.15 at 6:03pm

Drake is so good at marketing his music that the head guys at Sony Music Entertainment ask themselves: “What would Drake do?”

Sound Style
gavin mcneill

How to Break a Star and Build a Brand, According to YG’s Creative Director

Tue, 09.01.15 at 2:48pm

Gavin McNeill has helped several of your favorite artists cut through the noise. Here's how.

Sound Tech
popular rap song

UC Berkeley Students Discovered the Formula Behind Every Popular Rap Song

Tue, 09.01.15 at 12:15pm

Trying to make a popular rap song that'll land you a spot on the Billboard Top 100? Listen up.

Houston Sound
travis scott

Travis Scott is Rap’s Most Generous Performer

Tue, 09.01.15 at 10:30am

Travis Scott's "ragers" are among the best-cared-for fans in hip-hop.


Legendary Crailtap Photographers Reveal the Stories Behind The Photos

Mon, 08.31.15 at 5:46pm

The Crail Camera Crew share photos from a lifetime of shooting skateboarding.