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So This is Drake’s Clever Marketing Strategy

Tue, 09.01.15 at 6:03pm

Drake is so good at marketing his music that the head guys at Sony Music Entertainment ask themselves: “What would Drake do?”

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gavin mcneill lead

How to Break a Star and Build a Brand, According to YG’s Creative Director

Tue, 09.01.15 at 2:48pm

Gavin McNeill has helped several of your favorite artists cut through the noise. Here's how.

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popular rap song

UC Berkeley Students Discovered the Formula Behind Every Popular Rap Song

Tue, 09.01.15 at 12:15pm

Trying to make a popular rap song that'll land you a spot on the Billboard Top 100? Listen up.

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travis scott

Travis Scott is Rap’s Most Generous Performer

Tue, 09.01.15 at 10:30am

Travis Scott's "ragers" are among the best-cared-for fans in hip-hop.


Legendary Crailtap Photographers Reveal the Stories Behind The Photos

Mon, 08.31.15 at 5:46pm

The Crail Camera Crew share photos from a lifetime of shooting skateboarding.

beauty behind the madness

DNA: Tracing The Musical Genes Of “Beauty Behind the Madness”

Mon, 08.31.15 at 4:29pm

Green Label's DNA (Deconstructing New Albums): The Weeknd's Sophomore LP, "Beauty Behind the Madness."

hip-hop concept albums

Five Imaginary Hip-Hop Concept Albums Which Would Be Awesome

Mon, 08.31.15 at 2:53pm

Including Jay Z featuring Amazon, and A$AP Rocky's album of power ballads.

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late registration

Here’s Your “Late Registration” Course Guide, Semester 1

Mon, 08.31.15 at 11:51am

An imaginary Kanye course guide, in honor of Late Registration's 10th birthday.

MF Doom

16-Bit MF Doom, Wu-Tang, and TDE: Double Tapped with R3XON

Fri, 08.28.15 at 11:45am



Kai Art Creates Limited Edition Prints On Dollar Bills

Fri, 08.28.15 at 11:00am

Kai Art gives money new value...