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Chicago Film Sound

Interview: Oscar-winning Chicago MC Rhymefest Talks Reconnecting With His Father In New Documentary, Understanding His Past Mistakes, And His New LP.

Mon, 04.20.15 at 6:55pm

Chicago's Rhymefest takes a look back on his career, reconnecting with his father, and what the future may hold in this exclusive interview.

Smart Watch

Build This DIY Smart Watch With Vintage Flare

Mon, 04.20.15 at 10:15am

Aleator777 has created a DIY smart watch and provides a step-by-step guide on how you can build your own.

Houston Sound
sauce twinz

Who Are Sauce Twinz? Houston’s Internet-Fracas-Ready Duo

Mon, 04.20.15 at 9:43am spite of this, they're relatively lighthearted.

Chicago Style

Leaders 1354 Lookbook featuring 1636Logan

Sun, 04.19.15 at 3:00pm

Check out the new collection from Chicago's Leaders 1354 featuring 1636Logan.

Houston Sound

El Dusty Turns Traditional Spanish Cumbia Music Into EDM

Sun, 04.19.15 at 11:52am

Dance music DJ El Dusty created a whole new genre when his late mother's cumbia record collection fell into his hands.