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RT Worthy: 10 Endlessly Entertaining Artists to Follow on Instagram

Unless you’re on a hiatus from the digital world, chances are you have an Instagram account. Hopefully, if you’re anything like us at Green Label, art plays a big part in the way you decide who to follow. Sure, anybody can throw up a repost of a cool museum piece, artsy magazine cover, or dope graffiti wall with the click of the share button, but it takes a true artistic eye to create digital content that’s innovative, original and keeps you engaged as you scroll down their photo timeline. After a minute of profile searches and word-of-mouth references, we came up with a cool list of artist Instagram accounts that we feel are on point if you want to see some great works of art. They’re also a good option if you just need to kill some time looking through the eyes of KAWS, 13thWitness, Kenny Scharf and a few other contemporary greats.

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