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10. San Francisco

Mild weather, perfect hills, and the home of Thrasher — the pulse of skateboarding since its first issue — San Francisco might not have gotten the shine Los Angeles did in skating’s earliest days, but it doesn’t lack history and a pedigree of skate legends. Embarcadero, the China Banks, Fort Miley, Pier 7, 3rd and Army, and countless streets to throw down on, San Francisco’s list of spots past and present is stunning. What makes SF a standout is that it’s one of the new California cities that is almost a pastiche of the best out. Ledges, rails, raw streets, hidden spots, smooth marble, and more combine to make it a mix of East Coast, West Coast, and everything in between. But what makes The City By The Bay special is its hills, and bombing them is rite of passage for anyone who rolls there.

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