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The Junkyard Band from Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids was a cartoon created, produced and hosted by Bill Cosby, which was based on his group of friends growing up. On the show, the main character, “Fat” Albert Jackson, and his friends would deal with a different issue affecting urban youth at the time during each episode. At the end of each show, Fat Albert and his friends — Mushmouth, “Dumb” Donald, “Weird” Harold, Rudy Davis, and Bill and Russell Cosby — would play a song about the issue of the day with instruments made from old junk. These included a trombone twisted from a plumber’s pipe, a harp made from bedsprings, and a bagpipe-accordion fashioned out of a funnel, radiator and an airbag. The Junkyard Band was clearly a fitting name for this music group.

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