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10 Collaborations That Should Have Happened in the ‘90s

Everyone loves the ‘90s. The decade that spawned some of the dopest music and gear imaginable inspired a serious nostalgia streak over the last couple of years. No, our clothes aren’t nearly as baggy as they were in those days, but if you haven’t noticed the era’s influence in present-day fashion, you’re not paying attention. And music? As Pro Era, A$AP Mob and others have shown, the decade synonymous with boom bap, Timberland boots and army-certified suits still looms large in the popular consciousness.

But some things have changed. For one thing, while a group may have rocked a lot of gear from one designer or another back in the day, a collaboration between the two was unheard of. The same goes for seemingly complementary brands. As much as you would have loved to see a Wu-Tang Clan x Polo shirt, it wasn’t going to materialize. But then again, what if it had? We won’t begrudge anyone for failing to make these a reality, but here are 10 collaborations that should have happened in the ‘90s.

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