10 Genius Life Hacks for Surviving Vegas

This Friday, we’ll be kicking off the second part of our Green Label Live: Las Vegas summer series at LAX Nightclub, bringing you the best in EDM and nightlife culture.

To help you get the most out of your Vegas experience, we’ve put together a list of life hacks to keep the desert party city from swallowing you whole.

Haircut Hack: For dudes looking for a last minute shape-up, get your hair cut at El Cortez Barbershop. It’s a hidden gem on Old Fremont Street located on the second floor above the El Cortez Hotel. The spot is a one-man shop, cash only. And the cut will cost you less than $20.

Downtown Hack: Non-tourists generally know this, but as a rule of thumb: any casino located off the strip is targeted towards locals, meaning you dodge the inflated tourist prices and get better food (since they have an incentive to get repeat business, you see?).

Entertainment Hack: Unfortunately, Vegas is not cheap. That doesn’t mean you still can’t have a good time and enjoy local entertainment. For music venues, most showcases on Fremont Street are free.

Restaurant Hack: Vegas has a rap for buffet food, which has a bad rap full stop. But the Caesars Palace Bacchanal is known to be one of the best buffets in the country. But if you’re up to a small detour, the Burger Bar is rated as one of the best burgers in town, including Kobe beef, foie gras, and shaved truffles. You can also try the “cheesecake burger,” if you’re hungry enough (it’s on a glazed doughnut bun)

Tipping Hack: Paying extra up front for any service you get is a surefire way to have the most convenient experience possible in any city, but in Vegas this idea pays off ten-fold. Handing over a twenty when you check in and asking if there are any upgrades available is the move. Check this website to see what hotels this works best at. Also, this rule applies when having your car checked in by a valet at a casino, especially if you know you’ll be in a hurry to leave later.

Lineup Hack: Technology is God’s greatest gift for a night out. Download Marko’s Guest List to get on the list and skip hour-long admission lines. For non-iPhone users, you can download the app here.

Transportation Hack: Taxi fares in Vegas add up. You can save a decent amount of money and time riding the double decker deuce buses downtown and along the strip for cheap. You can buy a 24-hour ticket for $8 and the bus goes back and forth every 15 minutes, all day, every day. If you’re in dire need of a cab, a good idea is to walk towards a nearby strip club. There’s usually tons of cabs waiting outside.

Shopping Hack: If you decide to go shopping around Las Vegas, your best bet is to go toward the outlet mall near the strip. They’ll have big name brands at a discount. If streetwear is your thing, check out CRSVR. The spot is run by DJ Vice and is one of the best boutiques in the area.

Drive-Like-Jeff-Gordon-Hack: If you’ve ever wanted to drive a sports car or ride shotgun in a stock car, now’s your chance. A local stock car racetrack allows people to buy this experience all within a relatively short distance from the strip.

Corny Date Hack: Vegas is the land of dreams and fulfillment. Like mini golfing in a KISS-themed course. The spot also features a KISS-themed wedding chapel so you can get all your bad life decisions in one handy place.

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