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10 Graphic Novels You Need to Read

Reading doesn’t always have to feel like a task. While it’s definitely important to crack open a textbook every now and then, don’t limit your choices to just young adult novels, magazines or self-help books. The next time you hit up your local bookstore, head over to the section that has graphic novels — the literary answer to comic book fans that want more than 15 minutes of reading time, but don’t want to give up the associated artwork. In addition to creating a cult following in the art world, graphic novels have gone on to launch hit TV shows and blockbuster movies that further expand the realities of these great stories.

If that sounds like something right up your alley, take a look into these 10 graphic novels that will make you an instant fan. From a historic battle during the era of Greek mythology told in Frank Miller’s 300 to Alan Moore’s classic tale of retired superheroes in Watchmen, these hybrid comic stories bring words to life from a vivid and colorful perspective.

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