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The 10 Greatest Video Game Sidekicks Ever

It’s never an easy job being a sidekick, doomed to play second fiddle to the hero that fans, followers and history itself will ultimately remember. Nowhere is this truer than the realm of video games, where franchises are built on a single hero, usually only throwing in supporting characters for a quick laugh, or a necessary clue. But over the years, a select group of characters have distinguished themselves as more than just filler, fighting the idea of being lost in the shadow of their hero, and instead emerging from it as a fan-favorite themselves. Some proved to be too beloved or versatile to lose, while others went on to become the face of the franchise, replacing the very heroes they were meant to help. It’s a monumental task, but this list of the greatest video game sidekicks proves that video game heroes should feel threatened by more than just their enemies.

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