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10 Musicians That Are Actually Funny Enough to Host SNL

In Saturday Night Live’s four decades of keeping us in stitches over the weekend — while also providing some of the best live musical performances — we’ve seen some hilarious hosts take center stage in comedic skits. To our surprise, some of them are famous musicians we wouldn’t expect to actually be, well, funny. We’re so used to artists constantly spilling out their feelings on a record that it’s kind of a surprise to see them in a lighthearted environment like SNL. Not every musician can crack a proper joke on cue, but the ones that can definitely deserve some sort of respect.

We compiled a list of the best musicians to seamlessly make their transition from the recording studio all the way to Studio 8H at Rockerfeller Center. It takes skill to serenade while keeping the audience rolling in the aisles, so we had to show respect. Hopefully we see these guys make it to the Five-Timer’s Club — if they aren’t already members.

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