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A Tribe Called Quest - Peoples’ Instinctive Travels & the Paths of Rhythm

As you wipe your feet “really good on the rhythm rug,” Tribe’s positive vibes and eccentric soul-funk samples uncontrollably move your desire to just kick it. Consciously delivered from the left-wing perspective, this debut left the serious rhymes aside for a lightheaded approach to dilemmas like leaving your wallet in El Segundo. Leading man Q-tip was the featured MC, while Phife Dawg and Jarobi batted clean up on the standout, “Can I Kick It?

Nestled in the midpoint of the golden era, the Quest cats reached gold certification a year later. With Q-Tip’s smooth projection and a memorable sitar pluck, their first effort had a bevy of head-bobbing cuts like “Luck of Lucien” and a comical take when losing something of value in “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo.”

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