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2. A Digital Audio Workstation

The Digital Audio Workstation, or DAW, is the main piece of software you’ll use to record your music. It’s what you’ll need to record, edit and even mix and master your music. There are a few options out there depending on what you do or want to do. If you plan on using software live, or writing mostly on the computer, then Ableton Live is the way to go. Its ease of use sketching riffs and loops as well as recreating music live makes it’s a no-brainer for electronic musicians and DJs. However, if you’re recording live instruments, you’ll probably want to go with Pro-Tools or Logic — think of it as Garage Band Pro. These two are easier to use when recording multiple instruments. If you’re on a budget, you can get a trial or lite version of these types of software, or you can start with more basic programs like Garageband, which comes packaged with Apple products, or Reaper, which is free to download.

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