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7. Grand Theft Auto starring Clive Owen, The Game and Ray Liotta

Told over a 24-hour span, Grand Theft Auto brings you into the lives of three antiheros as they navigate through the streets of their perspective cities. Claude, played by Owen, finds himself in a daylong cat-and-mouse chase against the cops, the Leone mafia family and his double-crossing ex-girlfriend as he tries to escape Liberty City to save his own life. At the same time in San Andreas, CJ, played by The Game, returns home after news of his mother’s murder, but after reconnecting with his old Grove Street Families gang soon starts to realize that his old homies may be his new enemies. Over in Vice City, the recently freed Tommy Vercetti, played by Liotta, is trying to start fresh in the new setting, but soon is brought back into his old life after he’s framed for a deal gone wrong. Eventually, the events of each of their lives interlock in a way none of them could have predicted.

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