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10 Video Games That Need to be on Project Morpheus VR

Virtual reality is all the rage right now (for example, check this amazing virtual reality snowboarding experience created by Dew with Danny Davis and Scotty Lago), and Sony’s upcoming Project Morpheus has garnered a ton a buzz thanks to positive feedback from the gaming community at conventions. But as we approach the biggest gaming event of the year, E3 2015, every PlayStation fanboy is wondering what games Sony will make compatible for its latest hi-tech brainchild.

With the hardware continuing to show promise for both the PlayStation brand and virtual reality gaming, we took to public forums and revisited our gaming library to conjure up a dream lineup of titles worthy of launch on Project Morpheus. From anticipated blockbusters to unofficial sequels, here is a list of games we want to see playable on PlayStation’s latest VR device. Greatness awaits!

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