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13 Dope Movie Soundtrack Songs On Spotify Right Now

Music is one of the most underrated ingredients needed to make a great movie. It gets the audience hyped during the opening credits, sets the mood for specific scenes, and ties things together as the film comes to a close. And over the years, producers have recognized how having a banging soundtrack can help market their movie and give their work an added edge, enlisting A-list artists to record original songs to be used in their films. In some instances, artists handled the entire soundtrack (Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder for Into The Wild), or even executive produced it (Jay Z for The Great Gatsby).

With summertime in full swing, we thought we’d escape the heat by cooling out in the air conditioning with a collection of classic and current dope movie soundtrack songs by our favorite hip-hop, rock, and soul artists, all available on Spotify right now. Roll the tape!

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