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14 Hip-Hop Albums We’re Hoping to See in 2015

Much of the excitement of being a music fan lies in the advances that are made with the passing of each year. Hip-hop in particular centers on innovation, longevity, and relevance more often than other genres, with new leaders and contenders springing up every few years. In this rat race, it is next to impossible to predict what type of impact forthcoming albums will have, but the anticipation is fun nonetheless.

Heading into 2015, hip-hop sounds more diverse than it has in some time. Fresh blood such as TDE’s Black Hippy camp and Vince Staples have made their mark, while veterans, including Q-Tip and De La Soul, aim to prove that their names still hold weight. From the old school to the new with respect shown to those in between, here are the 14 hip-hop albums we want to hear in 2015.

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