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15 Musicians That Also Skate

Plenty of celebrities and musicians own skateboards and have goofy clips of them struggling to ollie, but how many are really a part of skate culture? Who are the musicians that are really a part of skateboarding’s lineage, or have such an obvious passion that they can’t be denied? Music and skateboarding are freeform and inform each other, so they’re always going to be linked in a way stronger than just video soundtracks.

Here’s a list of skaters who’ve been able to carve out a career pursuing music while risking the breaks, sprains, and tweaks that come with skateboarding on any level. Some are still rolling around while others have been contractually forced into retirement, but they’re all bound by skating, music, and creativity. These aren’t professional skaters who’ve picked up guitars and gotten on stage, these are professional musicians that have grown up on grip tape.

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