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30. New Jersey: NJ Skate Shop

New Jersey was once just a state to pass through on pro skate tours. But now NJ Skate Shop has made New Jersey a new destination for touring pros. Co-owned by Chris Nieratko, a well known writer in the skate world, his connections have helped make the shop the best in the state, and in turn New Jersey’s scene better. Nieratko has helped secure funds to build spots, and made collaborations happen with Chocolate and Real Skateboards. When asked about NJ Skate Shop, Damon Thorley at Deluxe Distribution says, “It’s hard to think of New Jersey without NJ Skate Shop. Both Steve [Lenardo] and Chris put so much into the shop and really care about the skate community and of course repping New Jersey to the fullest to the rest of the world.”

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