The 6 God Rises: Drake’s “Supervillain” Origin Story

Aubrey Drake Graham was born in the fall of 1986, the son of a teacher and a musician who dabbled in the illicit. His mother showed him a virtuous side of life in the suburbs of Canada, but because she and his father split, he was also exposed to the dishonorable side of life when visiting across the border.

This dual experience resulted an internal co-balance of character, a philosophical fork in the road that only Drake could traverse.

An early stint on Canadian television, designed to educated kids about the perils of being a teen, came about as a way to help his mother make ends meet and be the man of the house. Among other lasting impressions, he played “Jimmy,” a good-natured teen bound to a wheelchair by a teachable-moment accident involving a firearm.

But when Aubrey aged out of that, hip-hop turned his head. For a former child star from the suburbs of Canada, it was a tempting lion’s den, a space designated for the rough and tumble of the urban set, purveyors of lore describing a treacherous and perilous lifestyle.

They deemed him soft, labels wouldn’t take him seriously, and so he began to build on his own.

He would assemble his parliament, better known as OVO, an assemblage of key players that would begin their takeover of the landscape of urban music.


Drake would be the face of this mysterious set, flashing a warm smile along the way, making non-threatening music that assured women he was in love with them. His ability to churn out hits for himself, and others, earned him four platinum albums, a testament to his adage of “starting from the bottom” and climbing his way to the top. Some were impressed and began to welcome him with open arms, looking to get a taste of his success or bask in the glow of what he was able to manifest.

With his OVO Flag now fluttering in the wind, Drake would find that with success and being lauded by many he could also expect the derisive murmurs of potential foes to become louder. Many who had already risen and planted their flag upon the summit of Mount Hip-Hop began to question the foreigner with no street cred who painstakingly climbed further than they. His singing could be as gentle as a dove cooing, and yet he’d garnered a love they weren’t able to attain. Much like the owl from which he has drawn many of his superior traits, Drake has a visual range of 270°, enabling him to see everything at work and allowing him to adjust accordingly.

No longer would he allow them to take jabs at him and retreat into the darkness of ambiguity. Their grins would cease to be and their brows would become furrowed when they learned how damaging and unforgiving it could be within the clutches of his lyrical talons. It’s almost as if they forgot that owls are nocturnal hunters.


Soon, some of those who proclaimed to be his “WOES” showed their true jealousy, leaving him to trust the multitude of smiles he encountered with apprehension. Feuds came in the form of rappers turned Brutus to his Caesar. Those he made songs with, allowed within his circle, and to feast at his table, conspired behind his back and attempted to tarnish his name because, to them, he wasn’t real; he led a life of fallacy. All he wanted to do was represent his city and all they wanted was to tear him down.

This is when the 6 God was born.

Rising like a phoenix, “Wheelchair Jimmy” has become the 6 God. He looms over his city ready to unleash his fury on anyone who gets in his way. Like the many villains and anti-heroes before him, he exists in a space that tiptoes between intent and insanity, with the potential to snap at any moment. He can be your greatest ally or he can be the figure that haunts your dreams. He’s a shapeshifter, he has the ability to become whomever he so desires at any moment. All his foes can do is hope their impugning of his truth doesn’t result in his unforgiving wrath.

Image: @vadivisuals

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