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A Look at 10 of the World’s Most Unique Turntables

It’s a tough time to be in the music industry. Labels and artists were just figuring out how to live without CD sales, but now even digital downloads are disappearing. For the first time since its creation, iTunes sales fell last year, but there is one bright spot: vinyl.

In the midst of a streaming explosion fueled by services like Spotify and Pandora, more and more people want the feeling of holding a valued, tangible piece of music in their hands, and obviously, along with the resurgence in vinyl, turntables have had a resurgence as well. However, turntables aren’t just about the audio. It’s entirely possible to not only find a turntable that does your music justice, but also becomes one of the coolest looking pieces of art in your house. Whether you’re in the market or just window shopping, take a look at some of some of the coolest models in the world.

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