A new way for graffiti writers to get up…sloooowly

How many of you pyromaniacs have patience? Nobody? Hmm. How about graffiti writers that frequent spots that so chill that artists can hang out for an hour or more? It’s quiet. For his free studio project, Lucien Langton of the ECAL University of Arts and Design Lausanne created the FireWriter. It’s basically a torching/printing/tattooing/branding machine. First an image is scanned into the computer, then the machine slowly burns the image onto a wooden surface. It’s like one of those products you see at Brookstone or in a SkyMall catalog. At first, they seem cool and exciting, then you realize there is absolutely no practical application for them other than taking up a ton of space in your closet. But we can’t completely ignore the oncoming graffiti robot invasion. Things will get messy. We control them know, but the tables could always turn. It’s already started. Here’s some more boring technical info on the FireWriter.

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