Check the Label: Aether, Adventure Gear for the City

Jonah Smith and Palmer West founded Aether adventure gear for the customer who needs superior outerwear but doesn't want to dress like an 18-year-old anymore. "Aether stands to protect you without the need for [racing car]-inspired branding and outward bells and whistles," West explains.

"It first started from a personal frustration at the lack of a highly technical brand with any attention to form or fit for a city-dweller," he says. "You had to choose between staying warm and dry but looking visually out of place with tech brands' color palettes and branding, or fashionable brands with no knowledge of technical properties to keep you protected."

To put it simply, they set out to make the outwear they wished other were already making. "We are not chasing trends or fads, we are making gear we want for all of the activities we pursue in our own lives," says West, referring to the fact that Smith and West themselves are deeply involved in adventure sports.

When they're not riding motorcycles, skiing, or snowboarding they're being very hands on about making the best possible tech apparel they can. "We are off to Norway soon to test some gear and explore the Fjord via boat," Smith tells me.

Their collections have a modern touch but stay true to timeless, form-fitting classics. Smith describes their color palette—a mix of deep blues, grays and greens with the occasional pop of red, orange and yellow—as "at home in the city."

But Aether's clothes aren't just for city dwellers. Their mountain, swim, motorcycle, and biking gear were made to be taken off the grid and tested against the toughest weather conditions. Because as Smith puts it, "If you aren’t creating memories, what are you doing?"

Head over to Aether to check out their latest collections.

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