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Check “Shadow,” the Haunting New Installation From Former Street Artist Ian Strange

Fri, 04.24.15 at 11:53am

Ian Strange presents his most significant body of work with "Shadow."

Art Houston

Digging Through the Greats: Blake Jones

Thu, 04.23.15 at 2:30pm

Houston illustrator and photographer Blake Jones makes us laugh with the goofy stories behind his photos and cartoons.

Drew Toonz Marilyn Monroe

Interview: Meet @DrewToonz, Who Does Funny Drawings and Gets Regrammed by Miley

Wed, 04.22.15 at 10:15am

Drew Toonz speaks to us about celebrity co-signs, tv, and fine art.

Art Chicago

Street Artist Goons Is Winning Hearts with His World Famous Lips

Tue, 04.21.15 at 12:47pm

Chicago street artist Goons' lovable cartoon portraits scored him some career-defining projects.

Art Tech

Faces Only: Kong Is a Photo-sharing App That Proves 2015 Is the Year of the Selfie

Tue, 04.21.15 at 12:03pm

Introducing Kong: a photo-sharing online world that’s solely for broadcasting selfies—animated selfies, that is.