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William Malik

Photorealistic Illustrations of Rappers, World Leaders, and More: William Malik, Double Tapped

Wed, 11.25.15 at 6:21pm

Painstakingly detailed would be the best way to describe his work.

Sam Melvin

Points, Passion, and the Love for the Game: Sam Melvin, Double Tapped

Mon, 11.23.15 at 10:14am

Sam Melvin produces illustrations that remind you of how visually captivating the NBA can be.


Chance Meetings With Rappers Got This Artist’s Work Autographed: Suckcess, Double Tapped

Fri, 11.20.15 at 6:41pm

He boldly goes where other fan artists won't to get musicians to check his work. Brave.


Snapping Polaroids of Murs, Slug and ‘Entourage,’ Texas Touring With BadGrassMedia, Digging Through The Greats

Thu, 11.19.15 at 11:45am

"I like shooting with these old cameras because I feel like that's what people are trying to make their digital photos look like, and most of my favorite photographers were shooting on cameras like this."


Vectors Of Rappers That Could Double As Stickers: Double Tapped With CTKVI

Thu, 11.19.15 at 10:01am

CTKVI creates cartoon vectors of rappers like Jay Z, Nas, Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj.