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yung jake

How Yung Jake Made That Flawless Snapchat Music Video

Fri, 10.09.15 at 5:43pm

A word from cinematographer Ethan Palmer on working with Yung Jake to make his cutting-edge Snapchat music video.


Watch NBA Players Level Up As Superhuman Warriors: Double Tapped With Collection By VC

Fri, 10.09.15 at 10:09am

The edit of Steph Curry's like-water jumper is a gem.

hip hop art

Here’s The Yeezy 2020 Poster: Double Tapped with Keith Vlahakis

Thu, 10.08.15 at 10:09am

This Instagrammer creates vibrant illustrations of rap's finest.

hip-hop art

The Intersection of Rap, Streetwear, Sneaker Culture, and Basketball: Park Tyson, Double Tapped

Wed, 10.07.15 at 11:28am

Who knew sneaker culture could be so hilarious?

Art Food
Matteo Sà

Pizza Portraits of Rap and Film Legends: Matteo Sa, Double Tapped

Tue, 10.06.15 at 9:45am

Matteo Sa creates portraits with pizza so good that you won't want to chow down.