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Before the Fame: Your Favorite Musicians' First Jobs

Somewhere a 17-year-old kid is working the fry machine at a fast food place, convinced that someday the music he’s writing in his head as he doles out fried goodness will make him one of the most famous, wealthy, and acclaimed people on the planet. It may sound crazy and it may sound delusional, but the truly crazy thing is that he might just be right. Whoever your favorite artist is, we can pretty much guarantee they didn’t grow up the son or daughter of a millionaire. Even some of the biggest names in the game once held down a 9-to-5 working the same kind of thoroughly unglamorous jobs so many of us have sweated through. So take heart, young fry cook. If J. Cole could start out as a bill collector and end up on songs with Jay Z, there’s hope for you yet! For even more inspiration, here’s our list of jobs now-famous artists once held down.

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