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Big Screen Luxury: The Flossiest Movie Theatres In The World

Sometimes it’s worth it to get out the house and hit up the movie theater with a few friends. Yes, guys, there is life beyond Netflix. While you might be used to Regal Cinemas and AMC Theater or any of the many Cineplex locations out there, there are a few spots that will make you want to stay for more than just the film. Ever imagined catching a flick while enjoying rooftop scenery? How about munching on popcorn in a theater that has beds in the front row? We’re here to tell you that all those things and a whole lot more are offered at movie theaters across the globe.

Like you guys, we wanted to know the exact locations of those theaters. Not only did we find them, but we also stumbled upon a couple of other good ones to round out 10 of the most decked out modern cinemas in the world. Sit back, silence all mobile devices, and keep your eyes glued to your screens. Don’t be stingy with the Goobers either.

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