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This is what Bryan Blue wrote on his Tumblr after someone stole his computer, hard-drive, and Wacom tablet:

"Maybe this is the feeling all 25-year-old artists go through at this point. I constantly find myself pulling away from pop culture and just wanting to create something different. I no longer want to be accepted by the cool kids. I want to create whatever I want because that’s what I want to do.

It's a despondency every creative type on their grind can relate to: is it worth it?

But vindication arrived when Blue was chosen as one of the winners of the Instagram-based #GreenLabelGallery competition, curated by Kevin Lyons, beating around 80 finalists.

As part of his prize, he was in Miami to paint live with graff legends SP One, Chino, and Queen Andrea over the weekend. Before the crowd gathered to watch him mummify a canvas in his signature style, we managed to catch his ear.

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