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2. MC Means Move the Crowd(funding)

The use of crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter to raise money for projects is not necessarily a new phenomenon. Independent music labels like Stones Throw Records have used it to fund documentaries, as have established artists like Ras Kass and Elzhi. However, Nipsey Hussle’s model places the website, and others like it, in a new context. While other artists can use their established names to generate crowdfunding to great effect, it’s emerging artists that truly use this tool to make potential backers feel as if they are investing in unheard voices. This avenue has become so popular that there’s actually a section devoted to hip-hop projects that are currently being funded, ranging from young rappers on the rise to moms seeking to send a positive message. Each campaign, which provides a list of goods that fans can get upon committing a certain investment figure, is an exercise in creativity itself, showing that in 2013, the sale has become inseparable from the art, or at least inseparable from the art’s message.

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