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The 8 Songs Chicago Rap Fans Love

Every city has songs only a true native loves, the songs you have to be born there to appreciate. If you’re a DJ in the Bay Area without Mac Dre in your playlist, you’re getting booed, but if you’re a DJ in New York City who spins a lot of Mac Dre, you’ll probably get booed.

This week we’re turning our attention to Chicago, a city full of artists who’ve brought their local sound to the global stage. The Windy City first became an epicenter of hip-hop during the Common, Kanye, and Lupe era, and is currently experiencing a second wave of highly sought-after artists like , Mick Jenkins, Vic Mensa—in fact almost too many to name.

But while the world’s been getting schooled to the sound of Chicago for years, there are still no shortage of songs that only someone born and raised within the Second City’s borders would love. So without further ado, here are eight songs guaranteed to get any Chi house party going crazy.

Many thanks to DJ Z, Nikki Lynette, DJ RTC, Hyung Park, our Twitter people, and all the other Chicago natives we talked to and polled for this story.

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