Coachella Interview: Jhené Aiko Sails Through To Talk Style and 2014 Plans

Things got even hotter at the Fuse/Vevo House at Coachella when singer Jhené Aiko stepped through the door. The pint-sized beauty was all smiles as she hung out before her Coachella debut on stage for the final day of weekend 1. Read on as we chop it up with her on style and discovering new music — which we’ll hear more of on her upcoming debut LP, Souled Out.

Is this your first time at Coachella?
It’s my first time performing, but I’ve been here three times in total.

How does performing differ from just chillin’ at the festival?
Well, if I weren’t performing I’d be over there right now dancing around. Also, I’m focused on just one performance; I can’t do too much partying. I’ll still be having fun regardless.

What do you think is the biggest benefit of Coachella for new artists and moving the music culture?
A festival like Coachella is important because it brings you so many different types of music. I also love how open it is. After you pay to get in, the freeness to walk around and get exposed to all these different types of artists. For me, I was going to random stages last year and became a fan of so many people I’d never heard of. It really opens our minds to different works of art.

One of the biggest things people notice at the festival is the fashion. Since you’re pretty put together right now, gives us a quick style profile on what you got on.
I have on a lot of Free People. That place is like your one stop shop for Coachella. I wear it everyday though. I’m completing the look with Opening Ceremony and these PacSun shorts. All three of those brands are so Coachella.

What’s the craziest outfit you’ve seen out here in the desert?
I haven’t been inside long enough to see any craziness, but I’m sure there will be people out there baring it all [Laughs].

We peeped you on the latest issue of Complex Magazine looking lovely as ever. What do you have in store for us for 2014?
I’ll be putting out my album for a summer release. Another thing I want to do more of is performing; maybe some tours in the near future. I also have a new visual coming out soon, so the priority’s to just keeping the ball rolling at this point.

Images: Laura Austin

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