Everybody Skates Turns Icons Into Skaters in This Series of Coasters

Skateboarders aren’t really the high-maintenance type. They’re not going to go buckwild if you spill some soda on their rug or ask people to take their shoes off at the door. They use words like, “chill” and “bro” and sometimes even the phrase, “chill bro.” So, it would be weird if skaters started using coasters—unless the coasters were super chill, bro.

The people at Everybody Skates just made the chillest coasters of all time, bro. Alf, Everybody Skates’ designer, placed skateboards in iconic pop culture images and then put them on coasters. One of these chill coasters has Muhammed Ali doing a chill kick flip over Sonny Liston’s unconscious body; another has bros Snoop Dogg, Tupac, and Suge Knight stunting with skate decks. Chill. Even Urkel, possibly the chillest bro of all time, gets a look-in. The integration is organic and realistic-looking--why wouldn’t Suge be holding a Hawk skull deck in a Death Row Records photo shoot, bro?

For readers in Los Angeles, you can check out all of Alf’s chill coasters next week, on April 10, when Everybody Skates, in conjunction with Bryan Herman’s “Pharmacy” Boardshop, throws an art show at Space15Twenty, where all of the chill coasters will be on display.

Maybe you will find a new appreciation for coasters. Maybe you will start asking your house guests to take off their shoes. Maybe you’ll just enjoy some dope artwork with good people. Either way, if you’re in LA you should definitely check this out this chill show.

Images: Everybody Alf

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