Daniel Arsham Takes Us Back to the Future at Miami’s Locust Projects

As an avid cinephile, I'm constantly thrust into the future. But outside of that two-hour escape, what would it really be like?

Channeling my inner Indiana Jones I decided to check out Daniel Arsham's new site-specific installation, Welcome to the Future, at Miami's Locust Projects. It's safe to say the worlds of archaeology and art never looked so cool.

Years in the making, Arsham cut a 25-foot-diameter hole into the floor of the gallery and placed thousands of calcified artifacts from the 20th century into a pit, as if a modern-day Mount Vesuvius froze us in time. The results speak for themselves.

"It's a huge mix of everything from contemporary culture," says Arsham. "Everything from a guitar to basketballs to many types of cameras, keyboards, to an American flag."

Viewers are encouraged to go up to the edge of the excavation site to spot boom boxes, film reels, electric guitars, SLR cameras, BlackBerrys, video game controllers, and more, all rendered in crystal, volcanic ash, and other minerals.

"It is as if you are viewing your own life, and the things that define it, from the future," says Arsham. "I spent a lot of time thinking about how the audience would circulate within the space and peer down into the hole."

It's also interesting to note that Arsham survived Hurricane Andrew (1992) as a child, huddled in a closet of his family's Miami home. The wreckage he encountered in the storm's aftermath has had a profound impact on his work to this day.

Welcome to the Future is on view through January.

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